Transit Tips

Top 10 Tips for Transit Riders

(Whether you are a long-time transit rider or a new one, these “Tips” will save you time, money and make riding with Miramichi Transit easier!)

 Tip 1 – Let Us Help You Get Started

Would you like to discover Miramichi or need to ride a new route? Call our office at 623-2370 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. There is no telephone service on Saturday and Sunday. Our friendly staff will help you with route planning, fares, transfer locations, bus stop locations, best travel times and more.

Learn more by also visiting our website:, or visit our Facebook page.

Tip 2 – Avoid Waiting

Take the time to check your bus schedule; this will save you a lot of waiting time. We also advise, due to the high risk of delays during construction season, that customers take their bus one trip earlier than normal in order to make the connections.

Tip 3 – Fares

Make sure you are getting the “fare” deal you deserve. Miramichi Transit offers discounts on monthly passes for students, seniors and groups and sells booklets of 10 and 20 tickets at reduced rates.

Passes and tickets are available at the following outlets: Miramichi City Hall in Newcastle, Kingston’s Gas Bar in Douglastown, Kingston’s Car Wash and Dickson’s Kwik Way in Chatham.  Group passes are available by contacting our office.

Tip 4 – Give Yourself Time

Our drivers do their best to be on time, but road, traffic and weather conditions may make buses a bit early or late. Arrive at your stop a few minutes early, prepare your FARE, fold strollers and have your bags ready, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Tip 5 – Ride Safely

Miramichi Transit wants to get you safely to your destination. Here’s how you can help:

  • Don’t run across the street for a bus – and never run in front of a bus. The driver and other motorists may not see you.
  • Sit still inside a moving bus, because a sudden stop may catch you by surprise.
  • If the bus has already pulled out and you are arriving late to a stop, the driver may not always be able to pull over as he/she has to concentrate on the traffic.
  • Wait for your bus in a safe location. If you can, find a well-lit bus stop or one with other passengers and pedestrians nearby.

Tip 6 – Board with Right Fare

Being prepared with the right fare or proper transfers speeds boarding and makes every trip more efficient. If you’re using cash fares please ensure you have the correct amount before you travel – our operators do not provide change.

Tip 7 – Take Us to More Places

According to the Canadian Automobile Association, it costs more than $10,000 a year to operate an new mid-sized vehicle. Unlimited Miramichi Transit Passes cost an adult $864 a year, and much less for students and seniors at $720. Taking transit eliminates parking problems and saves on vehicle wear and tear. Before hopping in a car or truck, consider transit for your destinations.

Tip 8 – Respect Other Riders

Public Transit means you are sharing space with other passengers. Respect those you are riding with, and you can expect their respect in return. Common courtesy among passengers can make everyone’s travel more pleasant!

Tip 9 – Smile!

Riding Transit can be a lot easier and a lot more pleasant with a little smile. Passengers and drivers alike have good days and bad days. If you have an issue with a driver, a service area or any of our policies, please let the driver focus on driving and call our office at 623-2370. We have staff specially assigned to follow-up on any passenger complaints and/or questions. Compliments are also welcome!

Tip 10 – Enjoy the Ride!

The Miramichi Transit system is at your service, every day. We hope you find these tips helpful, as we look forward to welcoming you on board often!