Miramichi Transit Passenger Code of Conduct

(The following Passenger Code of Conduct is aimed to ensure passengers, drivers and Transit staff are able to enjoy services of Miramichi Transit in a safe and efficient manner.)

  1. A passenger must treat other passengers, drivers and Transit staff in a respectful and courteous manner.
  2. Any person on a Miramichi Transit vehicle is deemed to have accepted the normal risks that may be encountered when travelling aboard a public vehicle. Miramichi Transit staff does its best to operate in a safe and professional manner at all times, however, safe passage is not guaranteed.
  3. Passengers travelling with small children, or other persons under their care, should be aware that it is the guardian’s responsibility to ensure that such persons conduct themselves in a safe manner.
  4. All passengers must wear seatbelts provided on buses.
  5. Passengers shall remain seated until the Transit vehicle comes to a complete stop.
  6. Passengers must exit the Transit vehicle at the final stop of the route.
  7. Passengers are not permitted to cross the road directly in front of the bus when picked up or dropped off.
  8. A passenger may not assault, threaten, demand, intimidate, perform unlawful acts, or interfere with a driver, or with Transit staff, while the driver/Transit staff is in the performance of his/her duties.
  9. Verbal or physical abusive behaviour towards drivers or Transit staff will not be tolerated, such as: profanity, outbursts, threatening gestures or threatening words, disturbing the peace, acts contrary to public order, and other disruptive behaviour. This list is not intended to be all inclusive. Other behaviours offensive to drivers or Transit staff can be considered verbally or physically abusive.
  10. Passengers must avoid or minimize actions that create distractions while the Transit vehicle is in motion. It is recommended passengers do not engage in conversation with drivers while a vehicle is in motion to ensure safe travel. When cell phones are in use, ringers and voice noise levels must be kept to a minimum. Radios, pagers, electronic games and/or other devices must also be at minimum noise levels.
  11. A driver is not responsible to assist passengers with luggage or any other physical tasks.
  12. A passenger shall not litter in any Transit vehicle. Refuse of any kind must be placed in the containers provided for such purpose.
  13. All Transit vehicles have a no-scent policy. Perfumes, colognes or other strong scents are not permitted on any Transit vehicle. As well, a passenger may not be allowed on a Transit vehicle if his/her body odour, or physical hygiene, will disturb the reasonable comfort of other passengers, drivers or Transit staff. A passenger will be given notice and opportunity to correct the odour, or hygiene issue, prior to discontinuing driving privileges, unless in the judgement of Transit staff, that person places existing passengers in extreme discomfort, or is considered a health risk to others.
  14. Shirts and footwear must be worn when using Miramichi Transit system.
  15. A passenger shall not be allowed open alcoholic beverages on the Transit vehicle. As well, a passenger may be denied access to Transit services if they are deemed under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  16. Smoking on Transit vehicles is prohibited. Passengers who smoke must do so outside the vehicle within at least nine metres away from the entrance or any windows of the vehicle or any other public entrance.
  17. A passenger is not allowed to eat or drink inside a Transit vehicle, unless deemed medically necessary.
  18. No pets are allowed on the Transit vehicles, except in the case of service animals necessary for health purposes.
  19. If a passenger has a complaint in relation to Miramichi Transit, drivers or staff, any complaint must be directed to the office of Miramichi Transit.
  20. Miramichi Transit is not responsible for any items lost or left on our vehicles. Found items will be held at the office of Miramichi Transit for a period of time and the office may be contacted regarding these articles.

Please note: Passengers who require the support of a service animal are permitted to bring their service animals into all Miramichi Transit facilities and on all vehicles.

Service animals are not limited to guide dogs. For the safety of all passengers, service animals must be securely leashed and under the care and control of the owner at all times.

Passengers are not required to carry identification for their service animal. Service dogs are sometimes identified by a vest, harness or backpack.

Service dogs are trained to assist people who have a wide variety of mobility impairments and other disabilities, such as seizures, psychiatric disorders, anxiety, life-threatening medical problems, or chronic pain. These dogs provide services to disabled individuals helping them function with greater self-sufficiency; prevent injuries; and summon help in a crisis.

Note: Do not touch, pat, distract, or attempt to play with a service dog.

Pets are not allowed on Miramichi Transit vehicles unless properly restrained in a closed cage or closed animal carrier.